Steinlager Pure


In 2007 Steinlager pure was launched in response to a growing global demand for a lighter, smoother and ultimately more refreshing style of beer. It meets consumer demands for less manufactured beers and truly reflects a sense of place. The launch of Steinlager Pure redefined the landscape of beer in New Zealand and set the benchmark for new standards in both design and brewing process.



Steinlager Pure is smooth easy drinking lager. The sub-tropical growing conditions of the hops, the raw beauty of the ingredients and the talents of the brewers all perfectly combine to deliver a taste of New Zealand at its best.



Steinlager Pure uses a selection of New Zealand’s finest hops, including a new variety called Pacific Jade, specially commissioned by Steinlager. Pacific Jade delivers a smooth, refreshing flavour designed to appeal to a new generation of premium beer drinkers. The Nelson Sauvin Hop creates a clean natural fresh taste, and with no additives and preservatives, Steinlager Pure is perfectly balanced from the light New Zealand hop nose to the crisp clean finish.



With a smooth easy drinking taste, Steinlager Pure is perfectly matched with seafood and is a great mouth cleanser for dishes like curry.

ABV- 5%

Steinlager Tokyo Dry 


Steinlager Tokyo Dry is a highly attenuated pale lager which is extra refreshing with a light, dry taste. The element that sets this beer apart is the combination of Japanese brewing mastery (i.e. super dry style) meeting the integrity of New Zealand ingredients.


A brilliantly clear, light golden coloured beer with a tight head of white foam.

Very smooth and refreshing with a crisp dry finish. Along with Pilsner malt, rice syrup is added in the brewhouse to help lighten the overall flavour and give the beer it’s crisp finish. Lightly hopped with NZ Green Bullet hops for subtle hop flavour and just the right amount of bitterness to balance the flavour of the malted barley.

ABV- 5%

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