Franziskaner Weissbier embodies the full freshness of the Alps. Fresh, clear spring water and pure, untainted nature: Franziskaner is at home at the fascinating panorama of the Bavarian Alps.

What began in Munich has long swept the globe. Franziskaner Weissbier has won many friends around the world with its fresh, light taste. Its typically wheaty, easily downed flavour is opening up more markets, giving beer drinkers a new alternative and a distinctive experience every time.

Taste Description
The classical, cloudy Bavarian wheat beer, known for its distinctive refreshing and full-bodied
flavour. With a natural cloudy appearance, this distinctive wheat beer offers a delicatedly bitter and well rounded taste, perfectly complementing traditional Bavarian meals such as the typical Bavarian “Weisswurst” breakfast. It also goes very well with fish and mild cheese.

ABV- 5.0%

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