About Us

Singapore is one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities:

A hub for international business and a melting pot of ethnic culture. As a result, the Republic’s hospitality industry has flourished into a multitude of concept bars, nightspots and restaurants all catering to a population eager to sample food and drinks from all corners of the Earth.

In recognizing the ever-increasing demand for high-quality, premium-imported beers, our organization is dedicated to sourcing and bringing to Singapore some of the Globe’s most respected brews. We have a comprehensive product portfolio, providing a one-stop-shop for even the most discerning bar or restaurant set-up.

Pacific Beverages makes it a fundamental business practice to offer the best customer service possible. Our strengths lie in the close relationships we build with our partners, providing excellent technical and after-sales support including product training and marketing assistance.

”Through excellent service and commitment, we continually strive to source and provide for our customers, the best the World can offer.”