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  • February 18, 2020

Drink & Win Promotion 2019

October 2019 – January 2020
Lucky Draw Date: 17 Feb 2020, Mon, 3.30pm
Lucky Draw Venue: Pacbev Office
Lucky Winner: $1,388 CASH
Winning Outlet: $288 CASH
MC: Mr Maven Poon
Winner to be picked by Mr Werner Trachsel, GM of Pacbev

Werner missed the first catch !


He finally caught the winning ticket after another attempt!


This is the winning ticket.

In October 2019, Pacific Beverages Pte Ltd had rolled out a DRINK & WIN promotion at bars and dance clubs in Singapore. Those ordering Pacbev beers brands from clubs and bars will receive limited edition premiums, and on top of receiving these premiums, he/she get a chance to win CASH in a LUCKY DRAW at the end of the promotion.

We have come to an end to this Drink & Win promotion. We would like to thank all participants in taking part in this lucky draw promotion as we had received tons of entries for this draw. We had promised a winner at the end of this promotion and here we had picked a lucky winner to this promotion.

Bar/Restaurant Winner
$288 CASH
Bar Station

Grand Lucky Draw Winner
$1,388 CASH
Ms Amy Grace
Mobile Nos: XXXX 7660

Congratulation to Ms Amy Grace and Bar Station to be picked as our Drink & Win Lucky Draw 2019 winners. We will be contacting both of you very soon, do watch this space.

Thank you everyone.
This Drink and Win Promotion is officially closed. We look forward to your continue support for our brands of beers. The right choice of premium imported beer.



We had 2 winners to this DRINK & WIN Promotion

Prize Presentation held at the Bar Station 29 Feb 2020


Winner of $1,388 CASH

Ms Amy Grace

Winner of $288 CASH

The Bar Station


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