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Stella Artois- The Original Christmas Beer

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  • October 02, 2019
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As you know, Stella Artois is one of the most delicious beers that will ever treat your taste buds. You may also know that this beer hails from Belgium and became so popular we can now drink it every day of the year.

However, what some of you may not know is how Stella Artois got its start. For those of you beer connoisseurs who deeply research the story behind their beverage before enjoying it, read this and pass it on to those who drink for the enjoyment of the flavor alone. For those of you who have yet to hear this story, we gladly share it with you.

The start of Stella Artois begins as that of a Christmas tale.

This story takes place in a distant land called Leuven, Belgium. Leuven was a brewing town for it was home of the Den Hoorn Brewery. That is until a gentleman by the name of Sebastian Artois bought it just 9 years after being admitted as a Brew Master to the Leuven Brewer’s Guild.

He changed the name to The Artois Brewery after himself. However, it was a change that did not seem to matter to the folks of Leuven. The Artois Brewery became one of the most beloved around Leuven and the world.

Because of this, Sebastian Artois wanted to give the people of Leuven a Christmas gift in the form of a special batch of beer. And so Stella Artois came to be. Marked with the name Stella and a star on the bottle in honor of the holiday as a reminder for all to see.

Now, much to our pleasure, we can enjoy Stella Artois every day of the year not just at Christmas. Nevertheless, some traditions still hold true no matter how many years have passed. Stella Artois still makes a great holiday gift for those who host us in their homes.

So in the spirit of the season, pick up a bottle, share the holiday cheer, and sip on the original Christmas beer – Stella Artois.
Merry Christmas!