Margaritaville, Ron Corina, Nikolai, Fleischmann’s


Gold Tequila 

Meticulously crafted for a superb nose and taste. Filtered to crystalline consistency with a golden amber glow. Features rich flavour along with a fruity, woody nose with hints of pear, apple and prune. Green grass character with a hint of black pepper. This premium tequila is made in the famed region of Jalisco, Mexico with the finest Agave Azul available.

With orange liqueur and lime to make Classic Margaritas
With grapefruit and lime, salt and soda to make Paloma
With crème de cassis liqueur, lime and ginger beer to make El Diablo

ABV – 40%


Triple Sec 

Tasting Notes
Valencia, Navel, Bergamot and Hamlin oranges combine to produce a refreshing and perfectly-balanced liqueur.

The Secret To The Perfect Drink
A bartender’s best friend, this versatile spirit is perfect mixed into margaritas and other cocktails.

ABV – 15% 

Ron Corina Caribean style Rum

Made with the cane sugar solution from Virgin island, the Ron Corina. The name ‘Rum’ stands for ‘rumbullion’ or ‘harness’ and sweetness. It is said to be derived from sugarcane (Latin Saccharum). There is a story that it got this name because it smoked.

ABV – 75.5%

Nikolai Premium Vodka
A sensationally smooth pure and stylish vodka for all occasions.

Perfect for martinis or mixed drinks.

Quadruple distilled.

ABV – 40%

Fleischmann’s Gin
A light, smooth gin. Fleischmann’s aroma consists of juniper and spicy, dusty coriander on the nose, while the palate itself is smooth and rich with a lighter gin taste.

ABV – 40%

Margaritaville : Download PDF

Ron Corina, Nikolai, Fleischmann’s Gin: Download PDF
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