Pure Blonde

A refreshing, full-flavoured lager, brewed using the finest ingredients. Pure Blonde is brewed with no preservatives to deliver an easy-drinking, ultra low carb beer. Hersbrucker hops add a floral and herbal aroma balancing the light style of the beer.

Ultra Low Carb
Pure Blonde is brewed longer to break down more natural sugars than usual, delivering a brew
with 80% less carbohydrates than regular beer.

Lower Calorie
With 50% less calories than wine per mL* and 30% less calories than regular beer, Pure Blonde
is loved for its pure, crisp taste.

*50% less calories than wine per ml, based on average calorie content of the leading 100 Wine SKUs in Australia. IRI-Aztec wine data, MAT 31/01/15

Low Gluten
Although we make Pure Blonde with malted barley (which contains Gluten), our brewing process
breaks down the Gluten. We have had Pure Blonde tested by professionals and the beer contains around 10 parts per million (10 PPM), which equates to 1mg per 100g. Pure Blonde is low in Gluten, but if you’re not 100% sure then please seek professional advice.

Product Range
355mL Bottle, 375mL Can, 49.5L Keg Draught.

Alcohol By Volume
4.2% ABV

Light hop bitterness – 12 BU (Bitterness Unit)

Appearance And Aroma
With a pale amber, bright golden glow and subdued foam, Pure Blonde has an aromatic green,
herbal hop nose and moderate floral and fruity notes.

Food Match
The fragrant Herbrucker hops complement seafood, while the light, refreshing style of Pure
Blonde contrasts and balances heat of spicy foods. Try Pure Blonde with smoked salmon, Thai fish cakes, marinated prawns and wood-fired pizzas.

Light malt character deliver a smooth, easy drinking, crisp and aromatic beer.

Pacific Beverages – Premium Beer Importer