Exceptional Purity
Icelandic Glacial is sourced from the legendary Olfus Spring in Iceland, one of the world’s most pristine ecosystems. It possesses a naturally low mineral content (TDS of 62ppm) that does not crowd the palate with heavy metals, minerals or silica. A water so pure, nothing is added; nothing taken away.

Hitting the ‘Mineral Sweetspot’
Icelandic Glacial is renowned as a water of the highest quality with exceptional purity, so pure that when frozen, ice cubes appear perfectly clear.
• lacial’s award-winning taste is the result of an exceptional mineral balance that falls in the “mineral sweetspot” with TDS of just 62 parts per million (ppm).
• Unlike other bottled waters, Icelandic Glacial’s naturally high alkaline pH of 8.4 helps restore the body’s pH balance to support a long healthy life.
• Icelandic Glacial is classifi ed as sodium free, and is Kosher and NSF certified.

Green Credentials
CarbonNeutral® Certified
• Certifi ably Sustainable – Icelandic Glacial does not deplete or damage its source in any way,
and it collects only a small percentage of what naturally fl ows to the surface.
• Green Energy – The state-of-the-art bottling facility uses only geothermal and hydroelectric power.
• Renewable – Verifi ed carbon offsetting through investments in wind & hydro power, sustainable forestry and biogas projects.
• Effi cient Shipping Policy – From its mid-Atlantic location, Icelandic Glacial utilizes otherwise empty cargo slots for shipping product to the US & mainland Europe.
• Recyclable – Icelandic Glacial bottles and packaging are 100% recyclable and BPA free.

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