Crown Lager

The Taste
The quality, care and dedication that goes into Crown Lager is evident from the first sip.

Crown Lager has a bright golden appearance with a solid creamy head. The fruity aroma leads to a malty refreshing taste with a smooth, full bodied finish. The slightly lingering bitterness gives a balanced, rounded experience which will leave you wanting more.

Australia’s finest barley.
Our Brew Masters set the most stringent specifications for malting barley to ensure that the barley used in Crown is of Australia’s highest quality.

A handful of the 1,267 registered barley growers around the country qualify to supply this grade for Crown Lager. From this group, a selection of growers are chosen that Crown can confidently attest are ‘Australia’s Finest’ barley farmers.

Balancing a fine line between art and science – years of raw farming experience, technological backing and investment come together to create the key ingredient in every Crown Lager brew.

First Choice Hops
Our Brew Masters, working in conjunction with farmers at Rostrevor Hop Gardens, select from the Pride of Ringwood’s family of hops at harvest time in March every year. This ensures the very best hops are used exclusively for Crown Lager.

The season’s first choice of hops enable our Brew Masters to better target the specific qualities within the hops that are used for the Crown Lager brew. These hops give a cleaner, smoother bitterness, providing Crown Lager with the distinctive finish that drinkers have savoured for generations.

100% Australian Malt
Australia’s finest barley, once harvested, becomes Australia’s finest malt.

Crown Lager is brewed with 100% Australian malt and no preservatives.

An all-malt brew assists in head retention when poured and generally gives a creamier, smoother finish to the beer. When you’ve finished your beer and you see the white foam around your glass, you know you’ve had a great Crown Lager.

ABV- 4.9%
Pacific Beverages – Premium Beer Importer